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At Huixia Metalworking,our focus is on providing you cnc machining service with the finest quality metal and plastic precision parts. Our team of cnc machining specialists with 20 years' experience are dedicated to making your custom parts via best cnc programming, advanced equipment and facilities including high-speed, 4-axis and 5-axis cnc service.We are here to make your mechanical components or parts and precision components in superior surface, tight tolerance and high performance.
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We are your desired source whether your company is big or small. We machine metal and plastics parts for many different industries across medical device, oil&gas, electrical, Tele-communication, machinery, instrumentation, automobile,household appliances, etc. from a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and plastic etc. Whether your CNC machining needs rapid prototyping or high-quality production, small parts or large scale machining, Huixia Metalworking has you covered to maximize your quality and lower your price.

CNC Specialists:

It is great honors that we gathered a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable team of CNC machining specialists with 20 years’ experience. They are always strongly focus on developing manufacturing techniques to produce the cnc machined parts of unsurpassed quality in the most efficient work flow. They work out the best CNC programming for production to achieve the shortest processing time, reduce product material loss to help our customers save the cost and ensure on time delivery. That is what make us difference! That is why clients choose us! That is what keep our clients coming back!

Quality Control:

We provide cnc service only the finest quality for your precision components . With a rigorous quality control systems, we ensure that each metal parts and plastic parts leave our facility will meet the most demanding specifications. From raw materials to finished parts, strictly control every step of the inspection flows. We make quality a priority here at precision cnc machining.
We are your reliable partner of choice for cnc machining services. Our passion is in quality, our expertise is in manufacturing. 1.20 years’ experience in our technical team, the best CNC programming to achieve the shortest processing time, reduce product material loss to save your cost and ensure on time delivery. 2. World-leading processing and inspection equipment to ensure the quality of the products. 3.Mainly focus on OEM service,An initial designing process can be provided if required. 4. As a precision machining china manufacturer,Huixia also provide strong supply chain for outsouring of other mechanical parts, such as die casting parts, stamping parts, plastic injection molding parts and so on.
Our Mission
As a cnc machining services china company, Huixia metalworking aim to be  the best alternative for our customers, manufacturing metal and plastic parts in superior quality at competitive prices. Continuously improve in our processes, service, technology in precision machining to exceed all of clients expectations.
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