Frequently Asked Questions


1.How can I get a quote?

Please provide the drawings, quantity and weight of the products.

2.If there is no drawing, can Huixia help me?

Yes, please provide product samples, after confirming the order, our technical team can be responsible for drawing.

3.How long can I receive Huixia's products?

10-25 days (the actual production period depends on the quantity and requirements of the product.)

4.What testing equipment does my product use?

Three-coordinate measuring instrument, 2.5-dimensional measuring instrument, inner diameter micrometer, outer diameter micrometer, electronic height gauge, threaded stop gauge, external thread ring gauge, electronic caliper.

5.What are the production process steps?

1. Place an order

2. CNC process programming

3. Prepare materials

4. CNC machining

5. QC testing

6. Surface treatment

7. QC total quality inspection

8. Packaging

9. Packaging inspection

10. Finished product shipment

6.What processing equipment does the product use?

CNC machining center, laser forming SLA machine, laser forming SLS machine, 3D printer, CNC lathe,CNC engraving and milling machine, milling machine, drilling and tapping machine, sand blasting machine.

7.What is the production capacity of Huixia?

According to the difficulty level, the daily production capacity is 200-5000 pieces.

8.What material is used in the processed product?

ABS, PC, PE, POM, PP, PMMA, nylon, bakelite, silicone rubber, aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, steel, copper, stainless steel.

9.What are the surface treatments of the products?

Grinding, polishing, silk screen, electroplating, UV, oxidation, wire drawing, laser engraving, Sand blasting, leather grain, surface etch, rubber coating, transfer, bronzing.

10.What are the control measures for product quality?

1. Material quality inspection

2. Accuracy quality inspection

3. External light quality inspection

4. Functional quality inspection

5. Surface treatment quality inspection

6. Packaging quality inspection

11.What are the product drawing formats?


12.How is the product packaged?

In-box packaging: foam, plastic, paperOuter box packaging: hard cardboard boxes, wooden boxes,custom special order packaging

13.Product application areas?

Medical equipment, mechanical hardware, aerospace military, electronic equipment, 3Cdigital, household appliances,Communication mobile phones, automobile and motorcycle accessories, lighting, automated robots, marine transportation.